The founders of Pethask Agriculture and Livestock A.S. (est.1983), have decided to focus on animal nutrition and health products after 9 years of operation. They established Farmavet, an international animal health products company in 1992

Farmavet  has been founded to develop new generation animal health and nutrition products.
After trading with several international companies between 1992 and 1995, Farmavet decided to focus on a specific area of its product range and specialized on feed additives and water additives. With the late 1990's, the company started to formulate, produce and distribute monogastric (poultry, swine) and ruminant products. 

Since the early 2000’s, Farmavet International has been supporting a variety of sectoral events, organized by national or international Non-Governmental Organizations, as a sponsor company or a participant.  On the other hand, Farmavet International is attending to national and international fairs as an exhibitor to expand its market. 
Since 2008, Farmavet Scientific Research Group, a group of local and international scientists, is organizing FHABESAS (Farmavet Hayvan Besleme ve Sağlığı Sempozyumu) Farmavet Animal Nutrition and Health Symposiums. Every year, over 300 guests consisting of academics, business owners, farmers, veterinarians, government representatives and students are attending to FHABESAS.   

With 2012, Farmavet International is leading feed additives and water additives industry by operating 2 production facilities and 1 R&D company. 

During the last 10 years, Farmavet International has made exports to 20 countries from Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa and New Zealand. Today, Farmavet develops and supplies natural feed additives and water additives for feed manufacturers, integrated meat processing factories, livestock businesses, farmers (beef, dairy, poultry, goat, swine, aquaculture and horse) and veterinary clinics worldwide.

Wherever we bring animal nutrition solutions in the world, we are aware of the importance of our role. We contribute to efficient animal nutrition with right ingredients, because we know that our success is linked to animal wellfare, clean environment and human health.  


To produce the world quality feed additives and water additives, that have successfully completed the R&D process, and to offer them to the use of consumers and science world.  


to be the best quality animal health and nutrition products producer worldwide, by keeping the best scientists in its R&D group and to be leader in its industry with its innovations. 
Our VALUES have 7 basis

To be high quality oriented
Environmental impact
Emphasis on Humanity
Trust in science

FARMAVET takes the responsibility to keep its customers informed about the current developments in the industry. 

Another duty of  FARMAVET, is to keep a tradition of almost 30 years to produce the best quality feed and water additives for all kind of livestock in a ecologically friendly way.

The idea of to create a Science-Health-Value chain always motivates FARMAVET’s team to work harder in order to become the leader feed and water additives company in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Americas and Oceania.

Therefore FARMAVET organizes national and international seminars and symposiums since the mid-1990’s.

FARMAVET hires grad or undergrad students who study related programs to train them during the internship period.

FARMAVET supports NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) financially and morally. 
- FARMAVET INTERNATIONAL’s products have been launched to the market after the trials made by Scientific Research Group and after all the R&D process has been terminated.  
- FARMAVET equip feels the legitimate pride of to be an enterprise which apply R & D. Also, this makes FARMAVET’s representatives feel strong and confident in order to stand behind its products that are scientifically proven.  
- There are 5 steps to launch a product, 
     1- FARMAVET’s equip detects a current problem in the market
     2- Discussions with international academics about the possible solutions 
     3- The industry representatives check if the prospective product is feasible to produce 
     4- Trials with recently developed formulas in universities or research centers 
     5- The products with the approval of R&D team, are ready to be launched by Farmavet International Marketing team  
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